How Advanced Hypnotherapy works to help you...

Advanced hypnotherapy is a modern, natural and completely safe clinical technique. It is proven to be highly effective in the treatment of a great many problems, addictions and phobias which affect so many of us today. Unlike a more traditional technique known as Suggestion Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy works much more quickly - so fewer sessions are needed - and positive changes are usually permanent. One Session could be all you need to Stop Smoking, and most other treatments will usually need only three to five 1-hour sessions. The Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Technique was pioneered by Valerie Austin - International Trainer and author of many books in the field of hypnotherapy. Valerie Austin personally trained Alexandra Swindells.

Alexandra Swindells

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Alexandra Swindells Adv. Dip. Hypnotherapy. GQHP has trained extensively with Erickson methods of Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy and Emotional Replacement Therapy, Past life and Early Age Regression with famous hypnotherapists Valerie Austin - author of “Stop Smoking in One Hour” - and Tom Silver of the Tom Silver Institute of Clinical and Scientific Hypnotherapy, California.

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