About Alexandra

Having come from the commercial background in the media , and Mother of 2 , Alex brings to her therapy a sympathetic empathy when dealing with clients on many levels - be it professional stress or emotional problems, fears, phobias, or just those who need extra confidence to improve their self-image. Alexandra has been practising since her year of qualification, 2000 in London Harley Street and Palma Mallorca. She is English.

Alexandra offers 1-hour sessions, usually weekly by appointment as required plus the highly acclaimed

Austen Technique – Stop Smoking in One session Hypnotherapy treatment, developed by Valerie Austin which has a 99% success rate*

She offers 1-hour sessions, usually weekly by appointment as required.

Alexandra also specializes in the highly acclaimed Austen Technique - Stop Smoking in One session Hypnotherapy treatment, developed by Valerie Austin which has a 99% success rate*

Austen Technique – Stop Smoking in One session Hypnotherapy treatment, developed by Valerie Austin which has a 99% success rate*

Alexandra has helped in excess of 3000 clients to date since 2000 - 2019. and is a highly experienced effective therapist.

To make appointments or for further information on fees and to see whether hypnosis can help you, please call for a no obligation telephone consultation UK 07768 448343 or +34 620 266 212 or email info@alexandraswindells.com

Hypnotist V Clinical Hypnotherapist
You may have seen examples of stage hypnosis, which is purely for entertainment, making participants behaviour amusing, as they can imagine they are someone else. Subjects are genuinely in Hypnosis. The same powerful state can be induced in Hypnotherapy to the good. Similar Hypnotic techniques can be applied and used to access the clients subconscious and help make changes. It’s relatively easy to be trained to Hypnotise someone, however a clinically trained Hypnotherapist has the skill set, knowledge and past experience to help clients to fix and heal problems, change unwanted behaviour, and remove negative thoughts in a safe secure environment.
Hypnosis the Natural State
Hypnosis is, in fact, a natural state that we all slip in and out of several times a day. It’s what happens when your conscious mind ‘takes a break’ and your subconscious comes to the fore commonly likened to daydreaming. For example, driving your car journey on automatic pilot or becoming engrossed in a book or film. You are entranced but still conscious. During hypnotherapy, I work with you to deepen and guide this natural state to help you achieve your goals and make changes. Clients generally find it a very relaxing experience and can feel majorly relieved and unburdened after an emotional release, with a new understanding of their prior behaviour and thoughts and beliefs.
Is it SAFE?
Hypnotherapy is perfectly safe in the hands of qualified clinical Hypnotherapist. Someone who has the experience to recognise and deal with the experiences that may come up. Past life, Anxiety, Trauma, Painful memories during your hypnotherapy sessions. You will remain fully aware of where you are and what’s going on. Although your mind will be filled with thoughts, images and ideas, you will remain completely in control. Afterwards, you will remember parts of the session in a similar way to recalling parts of a dream. However, you do not go to sleep and you will never be unconscious during the session. You can come out of Hypnosis or Trance at any time if you wish to, and you cannot get stuck in Hypnosis. It is not recommended to hypnotise suffers of Epilepsy, or very young children. Some special suggestions are suitable for children which involves their imagination. Rather like a game .This can help with shyness, confidence fears and habits.
How many sessions?
For Stopping Smoking, you will require only one session of 90 minutes, which does come with a free back up which is rarely necessary. For other issues, fears phobias anxiety for example two or three sessions usually will depending on how receptive you are personally to the hypnotherapy sessions and your progress. However, in most cases you probably won’t need more than three sessions. I can give a clearer estimate after the first session., assume it will be 3 session and it may be less. Weight loss can take a little longer as its important to lose weight at an appropriate rate so session may be less frequent after the initial two.
How long does a session last?
A typical hypnotherapy session lasts a minimum of one hour. Your 1st appointment will involve explaining the therapy, how it works, what is about to happen, so you feel relaxed and in control and then doing the hypnosis, it is not a ‘consultation’ and there is no time-wasting. It is not necessary to take of lengthy past history for the therapy to work. Hypnosis is not a counselling session. It is non-judgemental and we look to the future. Please be mindful that other clients may be booked in after you so please do not be late.
Cancellation policy
Please note, a minimum of 12 - 24 hours’ notice is required for cancellation or rearrangement or you could be liable to pay the HALF fee for the wasted time of the session.