Hypnotherapy Treatment

Take control of your weight

No matter where your weight issues come from Alexandra can help

  • Benefit from effective help with all the types of Eating Disorders.
  • Lose the desire to overeat and enjoy positive self-image.
  • Kick Start that diet-cease to be an Emotional Eater.
  • Learn to listen to your subconscious and stop eating when you are full.
  • No longer feel guilty if you do not finish everything on your plate.
  • Feel more satisfied on smaller amounts of food.
  • Stop craving sweet things and start learning to love drinking water
Are you an emotional eater? Do you wish to have a healthy relationship with food? Problems with binging, bulimia or anorexia? Hypnotherapy can help support you and find the root cause of your issues.

Stop Smoking for Good

You could lose the craving to smoke in just one Hypnotherapy session.

You will address why you personally smoke, break that habit and replace it with a new good habit or activity. You will not substitute cigarettes for more food and you will respect your body and be more motivated to keep it fit and healthy.

Don't Let Stress Get You Down

Whether its home or work related, with our help you can manage it....and beat it

By locating the cause and giving you positive suggestions to enable you to stop worrying and calm yourself-you will learn self hypnosis to help yourself relax think more clearly & gain control of your emotions. Every Emotion causes a Physical reaction. This can lead to a feeling of stress and tension in your back or shoulders causing stiffness, headaches even insomnia.

Insomnia Worries & Anxiety

Do you suffer from broken sleep patterns? Unable to get off to sleep and awake regularly in the middle of the night?

Hypnotherapy an help you regain the ability to sleep, awakening fresh and energised in the morning.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Would you like to reduce your drinking or stop completely?

With hypnotherapy you can change your attitude to drinking. Reduce the habit of automatically going for that glass of wine or beer without feeling deprived. Still enjoy a happy social life with the benefits of reducing your weight and waking up refreshed in the morning with a clear head and feeling alert.

Have recreational drugs become a habit? Is it time to stop? Call to discuss your needs in confidence.

Relationship & Emotional Issues

Are you suffering from a painful past or unhappy childhood? Or suffering with relationship problems?

The Austin Hypnotherapy Technique using regression can help you find the root cause of your problem and heal it by making positive changes and removing old negative behaviour patterns and thoughts.

Past life regression also available.

Cure Your Fear Once and For All

Whatever your phobia, fear of flying...spiders...heights...dentists...exam nerves...even public speaking, I can help you overcome it

Break unwanted habits and feel more motivated. The likely hood is that you have adopted this behaviour from observing someone close to you when you were very young with the same fear and cannot remember where it came from, with early life regression you will remember and then we can rationalise and heal it successfully and permanently.

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